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  Tagging a single image  
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1. Navigate through Storage to the Image directory.

2. Select Image.

3. Set title and description if you want.

4. On the Top Menu click Create Derived. Right side menu will open with respective options.

5. On the Right side menu click Tag Image.

6. Give a name to the Document to be created.

7. Set a label for each face.

8. Remove unwanted tags by setting include to no

9. Click create.

10. Document is created. On the Top menu click Display to see how it looks.

11. On the Top menu click export to share Document.
How-To Build Document:
Left, Top, Right and Bottom Menus: Left Menu is always available and it is used to navigate through content and to select a Document to work with. When clicking on the right side of square you navigate into a directory or to related Document list. Top Menu shows when a Document is selected with a set of Group of Actions that can be performed on that specific Document. Right Menu shows the specific actions when a Group of Actions is selected on the Top menu.

Menus open and close by touch or mouse movement. Movement from outside the screen in direction to its center open the menu and the opposite is also true.

Storage: File system

Navigate: Click on left side of square on Left Menu.

Select: Click on right side of square on Left Menu.
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